Intelligent photochromic polarized sunglasses 100% UV protection

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The intelligent photochromic sunglasses

100% UV protection and fashionable

Reading glasses: wide field of vision, mature and stable
Sunglasses: color change outdoors, UV protection
Safety glasses: inner protection, eye protection

Polarized high resolution photochromic lens

These lenses provide optimal clarity and are kat. 1 (about 15% dark) in low light or no light and kat. 3 (75 to 80% dark) in full sun. Under normal conditions, the lens darkens in about 30 seconds and brightens in about 60 seconds.

This lens is great for general use as well as for many outdoor activities. It protects the eyes with very little light and sharp view (inside or before sunrise) up to the sunniest conditions.

Multi-zone design, wide field of view, fast discoloration, true progressive reading glasses, synthetic resin lens, ultra-high transparency, clear vision, meeting the view from different distances, frequent removal of glasses not required.

UV400 POLARIZED PROTECTIVE GLASS: These sunglasses are superior to previous sunglasses in three ways. When you move indoors or outdoors, the glasses automatically adjust to the reduced light conditions. On the other hand, the polarized lenses reduce stray light and glare. Now 100% UV protective coatings against harmful UVA / UVB rays

Material: resin and aluminum magnesium
Color: black and silver
Weight: 45G
Style: Sporty and everyday life

1 * Intelligent photochromic polarized sunglasses 100% UV protection

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